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Customizable Package & Pricing Guide

Customizable Package & Pricing Guide

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This Package & Pricing Guide is a GAME-CHANGER for your business!! 

From the minute a bride inquiries, you want to put your best foot forward. This beautifully designed 24 page Package & Pricing Guide allows you to do just that!! 

Say goodbye to sending package & pricing information in the body of email. 

Say HELLO to a professionally designed Package & Pricing Guide you can include as an attachment in the initial email process - complete with the best of the best portfolio images, detailed information about your personalized planning experience & everything they ever wanted to know about the various packages you offer. 

Wow your clients from the very beginning. Show them how organized your process is and make them see how much effort you put into even the smallest of details!!

With this Package & Pricing Guide you'll receive:

  • a PDF of my very own Package Guide (written by me, Kat, with exactly what I send to my clients after 4 years of experience!)
  • a 24 page Pages file (.PAGES)
  • a 24 page Adobe InDesign file (.INDD)
  • a 24 page Canva template
  • PLUS a BONUS 5 page guide: Curating the Perfect Package & Pricing Guide

Important: The images used in all templates are for inspiration only. No images are transferred, distributed or re-sold with this product. 

Original InDesign File professionally designed by B is for Bonnie Design. Pages, Canva & all updates professionally designed by Holly Meyer Design